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Freak On A Moped - Softcover Book

Freak On A Moped - Softcover Book

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If you can't run more than 25 mph... you’re toast!

When Lillian Williams became the sheriff of Daimler, SC, she thought she would have it easy for the rest of her career. Nothing ever truly happened there and that was the way she liked it. ...until the night that a maniac freak on a moped appeared and began a killing spree along the small-town roads and highways. Now, it is up to Lillian and her deputy son, Dennis, to track him down. In the tradition of 1980s horror/slasher films, author Chuck W. Chapman presents to you a wild and thrilling ride of suspense, murder, and mayhem that is highly entertaining, engaging, and will make you scream for more!

(Horror/Urban Fantasy/Thriller)

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